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Lets meet...

We're a small business, family owned and family operated. Began polishing metal in March of 2005, owners and operators since Sept. 1st 2011, and our reputation continues to grow. Majority of our work is done at our shop in Arlington, WA. Where we've been established since 2005. Raised on classic nostalgic vehicles, with polishing becoming our field of expertise. It's just us here at the shop, should you ever make contact? You'll be speaking directly with one of us. Not much more to say here... Hopefully we'll do business with one another, and go from there!


Our Goal... 

Our goal is fulfilling your expectation's for your project at hand. "Quality" is number one to us. Your satisfaction allows us to know if our quality was above and beyond. Knowing it reflects your investment, we tend to be finicky. If your smiling from ear to ear, after you see your parts? Then we've done our job. We polish a wide variety of metal objects,  and we'll very rarely say no to a job.  With us, you get a quality job, completed to the best of our abilities. If we've met your approval, then we've achieved our goal!


What metals do we polish?

- Aluminum

- Stainless Steel

- Brass

- Copper

- Bronze

- Titanium

- Plastics

- & More...

Applications - 

- Antiques

- Automotive

- Aircraft

- Custom Art

- Kitchen Products

- Marine

- Motorcycle / ORV

- What have you?

A Little Insight...

The majority of work that we see, is mostly Automotive parts. With that being said, we do not limit ourselves to strictly automotive. We do a lot of Stainless Trim (moldings)  for the Classic Cars. Brandon is the one to talk with about that. He'll remove the dents and straighten the trim.  Most all can be restored, unless the moldings are extremely mangled. Do we polish and restore Aluminum Anodized moldings? Yes we do. We do not do the anodizing here, we do all the polishing and prep work. Then it is sent to anodize.

Over the years, we've seen many Aircraft jobs come through. At the moment, we work with several Aerospace companies. All are impressed and appreciative of our work. I must say, our quality control team is pretty good!

Recently we've ventured out and completed jobs on site. It's not something we always do, but not something we are opposed to doing. If you've got something in mind, we'll take a peek.

We're here to provide you with our services, let us know how we can assist you?

Thank you for taking the time to view and read about us,

Nick & Brandon Ketchum